05 January 2013

5th January aka 2nd day :(


Yeah oh well tapi what to do?
hmm 2 months and twenty-eight days left :/
Sabar lah wahai hati. haha.
Its okay, tak lama pungg.

Hurm, so what happened today?
I went to the JPP talk.
Gosh bosan, but yeah cuci mata :D
haha.went with Hanim and guess what, I bumped into Iman Junaide bebeyhh!
HAHA sumpah terkejut, dah la baru je text the day before.Awesomeness betul!
Oh Kak Sal was the one hantar-ing us to that place and nanti on the 16th nak sit for the test pulak.
cuak seyh, dah la buku tak bukak lagi.
malas ah pulak, 
Okay wanna keep it short, goodnight world
and to you, 

04 January 2013

4th January

Hi, so he went yesterday at 9.30.
Huwaaaaa.HAHA can't believe I actually cried. macam ntah apa-apa -,-'
And he said alahh 3 bulan tu tak lama, macam 3 hari je.
Hmm yea right -,-'
Okay takpe, teruskan perjuangan anda okay sweetie :)

Anyways, today first day after tak text2.LOL mcam lama sangat je.
Nothing happened pungg.
Duduk rumah je and there were tunders and lightnings.
Okay tu je.
Byeeeeee :)

02 January 2013

01 January 2013

Naahh for you

I know that 

It is, but...

Yes, I'm truly aware of that.
because I care.
and lastly...


and and

before kamu pergi. :)

2nd January 2013

Heeyyyyyy memang sumpah lama gilaaa tak write.okay wtv.
Anyways saya telah diamanatkan oleh seseorang untuk sentiasa mengupdate blog saya semasa ketiadaannya :)
Weeee.okay dear.insyaAllah kalau tiada aral yang melintang.hewhew.

3 months :/ huh.
yeah not long I guess

Okay? TakeCare of yourself tau.
143 :)

I'm addicted to this!

It has a story in it.just skip to the song. Suka beause its catchy :D

11 December 2012

I love her

Awwhh so my little baby here had her first surgery :( Sobs haha yeah that's one big conflict somehow.
Someone in the house has allergies and didn't want her to have babies.
So yeah she had to potong hers. Auch. Kesian that fella.

Haha we had trouble taking her down from the netting. LOL. apparently I think she knows what we're up to. 
HAHA poor her.

After clearing her ears. HAHA kesian dia, sampai telinga pun layu.